Monday, May 11, 2009

What Is Adsense?

Google Adsense is a unique program that can generate a lot of revenues over time. Here is an overview of the Google Adsense Program.

To understand the basics of Google Adsense, you first have to understand Google Adwords. Adwords is a program where people can bid per click to buy space on platforms Google supports with advertisements. This includes the ads you see on the top and down the right column of results when you search on

Adsense is the result of a crafty little idea wherein Google essentially wanted to maximize distribution of Adwords. With Adsense, Google took the unique approach of allowing independent publishers place Adwords advertisements on their web pages. This type of advertising is known within the Adwords platform as contextual advertising and advertisers can opt out of it. Most do not.

The beauty of Google Adsense is it creates additional revenue sources for sites. For instance, lets assume someone bids 60 cents in Adwords for the placement of their ads. A site then shows those ads through the Adsense program. When an ad is clicked by a person on that site, Google charges the advertiser and shares the profits with the site. The exact amount of profit shared is not announced by Google, but is known to depend on the quality of traffic, click through rates and other aspects.

The Google Adsense program is incredibly simple to use. You sign up through Google Adsense program and, once approved, are able to select the format of ads you want to appear on the pages of your site. Google then immediately generates a java script, which you copy and paste into the html of your pages. You cannot change the code, but you can select any old location on your page you want.

Once you have inserted the code and republished your site, it is time to sit back and watch. Google provides stats within your account area. You can see the click and revenue generated information as well as monthly totals. Once you reach a minimum of $100 in revenues, Google will issue out a check to you. The check is issued more or less at the end of the month following the one in which you hit the magic $100 amount.

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