Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Choosing A Web Host: Concerns

One of the hardest decisions to make when starting a web hosting business is whether to use Linux or windows. There are a few options available, but the most commonly used formats are Linux and Windows web hosts.

There is a plethora of generators and data that relates to web hosting, but the bulk of it is based on biased writing and at times is written by Windows or Linux employees themselves. Through a few hours of search engine based research, it becomes apparent that there really isn’t a more worthy or beneficial platform to use.

Whichever one you decide to utilize, it does not tend to make as big of an impact as other more particular decisions. Microsoft owns the rights to the windows operating system.

Linux on the other hand is an unrestricted source and is often provided at a very cheap, if not free, rate.

To Run a Windows hosting program it will be more costly then Linux. In the end, through the start up cost to the running and execution costs, both platforms work out to be almost identical in price.

Both Linux and windows platforms in the end work out to be almost the same price to run.

Even though both platforms offer similar packages for almost the same price, a lot of users prefer to use windows server.

A lot of people prefer the windows server simply because they are family with the windows operating system. This is simply a personal opinion and is not a fact.

The connection to your Internet account will likely be via ftp or a control panel, and both Linux and windows servers have these available. The most known difference between Linux and windows is the file transfer instructions.

These instructions are different using Linux and sometimes lead to an error with the computer. While this can be a pain at times, it doesn’t happen very often to make much of a difference.

The stability and reliability of both programs has been the subject of countless debates in recent years.

Many faults have been found with windows. The truth is because it is the most widely used operating system more people have spent countless hours trying to find faults then with Linux.

Since Linux is not as popular as windows it has had less errors reported then the windows Platform. Linux being the most common host has a higher threat of viruses and hacks recorded. In the end, it is not simply a matter of which platform is safer or more reliable.

The stability of your hosting program while rely mostly on the abilities and security provided by the technical executives employed by your web hosting company. Windows and Linux platforms are almost the same in costs and both have security problems.

If you have a major concern when it comes to security, then it is most important for you ensure that your hosting firm is experienced and respected throughout the Internet community.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Write An Ebook!

You too can be a writer so long as you can type and you are focused. Ebooks are sweeping the nation, and are usually cheaper then buying a real book. An indepth computer book might be sold for $75, but an ebook covering the same material could be sold for $25. Does the money sound good? Well, if so, write your own Ebook! If you are interested in earning a good amount of money on the internet, ebook writing is not a bad way to go.

How to start off and write your Ebook

1) Revisit your old grammar days. Bone up on your grammar and punctuation skills, and your sentence structure as well. Even if it means going online and doing some research so that you are able to write properly. It helps to read as much as possible and to see how others write. It can give you options, and let you see into the eyes of other writers.

2) Create an outline. This is probably the most effective way to get an idea of what it actually is that you will writing. Creating an outline is what every rich author has done in their past. It is a tried and true way to write a great book.

3) Be willing to do research on your topic, even if you think you know it all.It never hurts to know more than you did before, and the truth of it is that you will broaden your knowledge no matter you do with it. Knowledge is power, haven't you heard?

4) Get a price in mind. Many people want to charge exorbitant amounts for relatively little information. They might make a few sales, but not many. Try having more information for a lower price. Yes, the profit on each sale is lower, but there will be greater number of buyers! More buyers on a lower price is better then few buyers on a more expensive price. Be sure to put as much valuable information as you can into your ebook. If you make the buy worth their time, they will come back to you for more.

5) Write the Ebook. Make sure while doing so you incorporate photos as well though. Even citing resources can be great, because you are giving them more bang for the buck. Your customers want to feel like you were the one getting ripped off, not them. So while writing your Ebook, put a lot of effort into it, as well as make sure that it makes sense! Don't go too far away from your chosen topic. People are not impressed by it. It will surely bring on the bad reviews.

6) Get a little bit of help. After you are done writng the ebook, perhaps get some sleep. The next day or two days later, go and edit it. If you do it right when you get done writing, you will probably end up missing a lot of errors. It is also not a bad idea to get a professional to help you edit and make any necessary revisions. Your content is very important, and how it is written is just as important as what's being written. If the writing doesn't flow and your readers can't follow you, it turns out to be waste of your time and theirs.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Webhost Could Go Bust

What is the possibility of you waking up tomorrow and discovering your web host and your Internet business has expired? In reality, it is higher than you might imagine and there are numerous causes for this. For new companies, the figure of web hosting business enterprises these days is highly eminent and flourishing all the time. This signifies that there is real rivalry. In this sort of scenario the most well setup will last. It's the natural law of survival of the fittest and the philosophy of life.

Competition usually introduces something further besides a giant risk to the endurance of any business sector, and that is price. A lot of hosts are attempting to trump out one another with the cost they put up for hosting. Cheap plans do work as many people are looking for the cheapest hosting they can find. We neglect to see that a cost effective poses in depth imperativeness on any business sector.

The lower cost also decreases the amount of additional add-ons one would receive through a hosting company such as email among other things. The smaller rate also makes the hosting company a bit more hands on and a little more no frills. It makes it more difficult for them to repay their charges and maintain their hosting business. This is not to state that bigger priced Internet hosts cannot become bankrupt as well though. They by all means could, especially when they don't hold an important business program and scheme for endurance. Many things can go wrong running a hosting business. Even companies that have been around for a while and charge a lot for their bandwidth could go out of business quickly.

Altogether, this comprises that it's truly major for all Internet enterprisers to take on some protection. Try and find a web host that is well established with a good reputation. Search for an online host that features in-house workers and isn't strung-out on the impulses of an out-sourced back up costationed in a different country. Regularly have your website endorsed. These are a couple of the ground-rules as to why using a directory is valuable as you may be in a position to collect a lot of information from a third company with their reputation on the line. This should help you avoid scams quickly and get your website of the ground.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Viral Marketing Campaigns

viral email marketing is one of the easiest and is by far one of the most effective ways to exponentially increase brand awareness and to increase product sales. The term viral refers to the nature of this marketing technique – the message is passed on from one person to a new person with minimal effort and whoever views the message starts spreading it as well. Like a virus, the marketing message spreads rapidly and reaches a large number of people.

If you want to increase your brand’s popularity and if you want to increase your product sales, you should consider running a viral marketing campaign. If you have never done it before, it is about time you considered doing it. The results will really amaze you.

The biggest advantages of this marketing technique include:

1.The cost is next to nothing to run a viral campaign. The USP of these types of campaigns is that they use existing communication networks and reach a lot of people in a very short period of time. The marketing message is usually communicated through emails, articles, blogs, and social networks – all of which are no cost to use.

2.These campaigns usually are incentivized for the user. The campaign is usually created in such a manner that the person who gets the marketing message usually has an incentive to pass it on to his friends. It could be anything and virtually unlimited, from free software programs to free email services, to free buttons, free wallpapers, to free PLR articles. This way, the user gets rewarded for his effort to spread the word. This prompts him to do it again and again – thus widening the scope of the campaign.

3.Share a marketing message through a viral marketing campaign, it is quite easy. To restate, these campaigns use social networks and free email services to reach out to end users. The end user finds it quite simple to share messages with his associates or friends.

4.Viral marketing is all about utilizing many other people’s resources. An example, if you give away a free article to someone and ask him to place it on his website, he will do so willingly. After all, he gets fresh content to his site which is good for him. The key thing is – you get to place a text link or an image link at the end of your article. This way, each person who reads that article will be tempted to click on that link and visit your site – especially when your article has great content. This gives you free, targeted traffic without spending any money.

As you can see from what I have explained above, a internet viral marketing campaign is probably the best way to put your business on the map. You can create your own campaign if you have the time it will take to launch it and the creativity to make it interesting. If you don’t, you can approach a good marketing company which can take care of everything and run a successful viral campaign. So, weigh in your options and make a great decision today.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Customer Referral Programs

Referral programs are a very good way to popularize your brand and increase your sales. A good referral program works in the following manner – you reward the people who send you new business. This will encourage them to send you more business. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Why are these programs successful? Let me explain.

People, by nature, love to get rewarded for their actions. If there is an incentive, it motivates them to take action. So, naturally, when they get rewarded for sending new business to you, they feel appreciated and happy. Your response rate will increase tremendously.

The advantages of a customer referral program include:

1. It costs very little. Your friends and clients bring you new business – all you need to do is reward them by giving them something in return.

2.It encourages highly valuable customers. A customer who is referred to you by an existing client is more likely to do a lot of business with you, as they know you are trustworthy and dependable.

3.Over time, it builds brand awareness. When large numbers of people talk very highly about your business, it has an exponential effect and your brand’s popularity explodes.

4. It creates a channel to launch your new products and services. This is most likely the biggest advantage of a referral program.

5. It creates a platform to maintain the excellent relationship you have with your existing clients and to build rapport with new clients.

To get great results, you should inform your existing clients about your referral programs. You can do this by making a phone call, text message or by sending an email to all your clients. You may gradually build a mailing list and send a short message to your inactive clients now and again. In effect, you keep reminding them that you appreciate them and would like to reward them for what they do well.

You should understand an important thing about a customer referral program if you own a business. The incentive you give need not be too extravagant. Most of the time, service credits would be just fine. A box of chocolates will show your appreciation for your customers, or even a donation to a local charity in the name of your customer will go a long way.

What matters at the end of the day, is your intention. So, do not worry about spending too much money on a new incentive program. Set up a referral marketing program today and get the results you want.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

LLCs For Online Businesses

If you have decided to use a limited liability company to use in your small business, you need to figure out how you should make it happen. One of the simplest, and most cost effective, ways to form a limited liability company is by making use of an online incorporation service company. Doing so has multiple pluses over creating it on your own.

You will find below 5 compelling reasons for forming your LLC online.

1. Affordability - When you create a LLC through a web based formation company, you might just save a considerable amount of money in contrast with using a traditional law firm. For most entrepreneurs just beginning, keeping costs low is something to consider and is a very good reason to use an incorporating online solution.

2. Known costs - When using an online service to form your LLC, you get the chance to choose your options and determine what your final charge is before you commit to making a purchase. Because of this process, there are no hidden fees that pop up at the last minute, so you never get a surprise charge that you were not expecting.

3. Guaranteed filing - If you do the necessary formation paperwork yourself, you run the risk of doing something incorrectly which can bring the filing process to a halt, or worse yet, make it so your limited liability company does not hold up in the case of your company being sued. Ensure the filing is correctly completed by making use a web based formation company.

4. Speedy filing - A web based formation company has the ability to properly submit the LLC paperwork in a timely fashion. If you need your LLC quicker, there are options to upgrade to priority handling, speeding up the process.

5. Get questions answered - When there are questions about the online limited liability company application procedure, customer service is available to assist you with the process. Having this ability readily accessible is priceless.

Form an LLC is an important step and the whole undertaking should be as trouble free and easy as possible. When you use an Internet solution to handle the filing for you, the filing is completed correctly and in a good amount of time. Start a LLC via the web and the entire process will make you extremely pleased with the result.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Use PPC

When you think of your ppc ads appearing in the search engines such as Google, it is natural to make assumptions that being seen in the top position is the best placement for success. Think more!

This is one of those point where what would seem to be the best but in reality is not. The reality is that people usually click on the ads in the middle or towards the bottom.

This is good news as it can save you a lot of money on your bids.

You do not have to be listed first in search engines! There is often a large gap between the first and second or third position bids for Google pay per click ads. This is where you will be saving. Let others pay the top dollar to be listed first…or even second or third. By stretching you advertising budget this way, you will not only save some cash on your pay per click campaign but you may get more clicks and traffic to your websites by being further down the list of Google ads in the search engines. Go figure!

Use the Google tools in your Adwords account to figure out the top bids for the keywords you are using. The fastest way is to start with a bid of $50 and you will then see the first bid under that which is actually the current highest bid for that keyword. Keep entering the next lowest bid to see how much you must bid to be fifth or sixth on the list. Then bid this amount. You will save a ton of money this way.

Another way that can help you get better results with your ppc campaigns is to get to know more about your competition. If you are using pay-per-click to advertise an affiliate program and someone else is competing with you, study their landing pages. If they are running their ad campaign on a regular basis, this means what they are doing is working and making them money…so you should learn more on what they are doing.

Do these advertisers direct prospects to a pre-sell website or directly to the products they are marketing? This is where you usually can tell the difference from the beginners and the pros. Affiliate marketers who stay in the game have learned to use squeeze pages to capture contact information to build the all-important list.

Hardly anyone will buy anything on the first time they go to the website. Follow-up is crucial to converting your pay-per-click traffic. If you did not capture email addresses, you cannot follow up with your prospects and convert them to buyers. If you send traffic directly to the product page, you will probably be losing hundreds and thousands of dollars every year. Setting up targeted direct mail and capturing email addresses is easy and can make the difference between success and failure of your overall business.

You DO Get Paid For Surveys - Just Not Much

If you’re curious whether getting Paid To Survey online is legitimate, you don’t have to think twice.Not only can you make money from paid surveys, but it’s so easy it doesn’t even seem like work.Getting paid to take a survey all comes down to how much you want to make.Just doing casual surveys can even compensate you enough to keep it up.If you can put a little time into it, you can take multiple surveys daily to maximize your income.As the old saying goes the more the merrier, and this is true when it comes to joining paid survey sites.

In fact, getting paid to take surveys can be thought of as a home business if you’re serious about it.After a couple months of building up your memberships and profiles, you should be well on your way to earning a part time income.If all you require is a part time income, taking paid surveys can help you stay home!If you’re looking for supplemental income, this is a great way to do it without having set hours.All in all this is the best opportunity for most who are looking to earn some money from the comfort of their homes.

Decide how much you want to get Paid For Online Surveys to help determine how many survey sites you should work with.If you don’t want a lot of survey offers, limit the amount of paid survey websites you choose to sign up with.If you feel the more the merrier, then make sure you complete all your profiles at the survey sites you join.Ensuring this is done will help to maximize your income potential.To gauge how many sites you should join you will want to determine how many surveys you really want to participate in.In other words, if you want a couple surveys, join a couple of survey sites.Joining numerous sites will yield plenty of surveys.

Why People Buy Links

They say that, back-linking your web site to sites can help with your search engine rankings. I am not actually certian how this works, but I do understand that anybody who says they are an authority in getting higher ratings with SEs will tell you the same thing. I have no cause to disbelieve that; I just do not know why it works. If you're having trouble having your web sites to come up somewhere in the search engine results for the top searches, it might be well worth trying to look at what you can do to get some help with linking webpages.

There are quite a few ways that one can set about linking sites, and you may be capable to do it without any help. You will, nevertheless, have to get in touch with other webmasters who might carry a similar type of site that you host. Hence if you have a site talking about "collecting dolls", for example, you need to search for as much affiliated web sites as you can. As long as you are not in direct competition for sales, they might be open to trading links with you. You should look to exchange incoming links with each others web sites. This form of backlinking web sites has been about for a long time, and most web site owners did it for reasons other than for boosting SE rankings. It was primarily done for the function of assisting each other with web site traffic.

Another way for back linking websites is to run other web sites of your own making, and you can then link them to each other. Be careful to only link each website to the other just once, otherwise you could find that it backfires on you. You could create a web log that you use to submit your regular thoughts, and then you can add links aiming back to your site. Some call these spam blogs, but once you are utilising them for more than just linking websites, you should be fine with it.

Remember when linking sites that its good interlink more than simply the home page of your site. Its possible to link different pages that could be relevant to where you are backlinking or where you are trading links. As a preventative measure, only create links when you update, and watch out for patterns. Plus, remember that though you can find 100 different websites for link exchanges, you may only get a third of them to link back. That’s fine though, as in the end that will be their loss, at least in the terms of SE rankings.

One definite tactic for getting the kind of back links you actually want, is to look at sites and services that will let you purchase links to your site. Although this may seem to be a more expensive method of picking up back links at first, yet when you consider the pros and cons, you’ll soon comprehend that purchasing incoming links can be more lucrative over time. You can usually get back links on authority ranking sites, with the precise anchor text you need, in a fraction of the time it takes to get back links from low page rank websites.

Why Dropshipping For EBay?

Opening a web, or e-commerce, store is a great way to work for yourself. These days one of the most popular settings to have an online store is eBay, with their easy to use, high traffic Internet marketplace. Most likely the quickest way to start making money on eBay is by using an eBay dropshipper supplier.

Below are just five of the untold number of reasons to give thought to using dropshippers when selling on eBay:

1. Inexpensive to get started - With using a wholesale drop ship company to get your product from, you are not actually inventorying any products. Without the need to maintain an inventory, you have no money tied up in product which greatly reduces the cost to get into business.

2. Product variety - When you don’t have to pay to inventory items, you can offer a large assortment of products for sale on eBay. By making use of a dropshipper for eBay, you find out what products are your best sellers, and then put your effort on that assortment of products.

3. Purchase product after it is sold - By using an eBay dropshipper, you do not pay for the product until you have received payment from your customer. Your customer places the order and you get paid, then you promptly turn around and place the order with your dropshipper.

4. Never physically ship products - Your eBay dropship company will handle all the tedious details involved with shipping products. Packing and shipping often is an incredibly time consuming process, so by using a dropshipper, you have one less thing to deal with.

5. Low risk, high reward - Using a drop shipper offers one of the least risky ways to start selling on eBay since you are not inventorying items. Your only expense is the fees to list on eBay and you only purchase the product when you receive payment.

By using dropshipping companies, you are lowering the financial entrance to sell on eBay to about as low as it can go. By being smart about picking the best eBay drop shipping suppliers for you to use, and by deciding on the correct products to sell on eBay, you are well on your way to having a profitable eBay operation. Give eBay drop shipping a chance to see if being the next online retail mogul is in your future.

How To Dominate Search Engines

Knowing how to raise your Google ranking, usingSEO and is a significant factor in being successful with your websites. Most people use search engines to find what they’re looking for, Google is the market leading search engine. If you want people to find your pages on the web, you need to use search engine optimisation to get high search engine rankings. These eight tips will help you achieve that.

Develop good content!
As the saying goes, content is king. The importance of having high quality, relevant content that is updated regularly cannot be understated. If you have a quality website, it makes all the other steps easier.

Write articles
Submitting articles has become one of the most popular methods to drive traffic to your website. Not only do the articles generate traffic, they provide non-reciprocal links, which are the most valuable kind of links according to Google’s ranking system. Make sure the content is relevant to your site, and that the quality of writing is as high as what is on the website; these articles are your best advertisement for what your site has to offer.

Use smart, targeted keywords
Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into a search engine to find what they’re looking for. The keywords you choose will define your site and who see it. Know your niche and who you want to reach. Research your target audience, research your competitors, both successful and unsuccessful and learn both from their successes and mistakes. You can also maximize your keywords by optimizing different pages within your website to different keyword phrases.

Use directories
Directories are a fast and easy way to get non-reciprocal links. There are hundreds of directories that you can submit your URL to for free. It is time-consuming, but this search engine optimization tool is worth it for the traffic it builds and how it will improve your Google rank. Most directories are edited and maintained, and your posting must be approved. While the sheer number of directories may seem daunting, try applying to 5 per day – you’ll have over 1500 listings after a year.

Use pay-per-click advertising
Pay-per-click advertising is not the steal it once was, with popularity of the search engine optimization tool driving prices up, but it can still be a valuable and cost-effective method of improving your ranking when used properly.

Don’t forget your meta tags and HTML code
While optimizing your website content for the proper keyword density is an obvious choice, don’t forget about the text that you don’t see, but Google does. Good search engine optimization includes adjusting all of your meta tags and HTML code to also reflect your chosen keywords. If you have a website about dog breeds, why label a picture “photo 1” when you can label it “purebred Yorkshire Terrier at play”. These are a great way to up your keyword density without making the content sound unnatural.

Get a site map
An easy way to make the most of your search engine optimization is to ad a site map to your website. You can either have an actual webpage that can be used by both your viewers and Google, or you can also use an XML file, which, while not visible to the public, will also Google to easily spider your site. Google.com offers free tools and scripts to help you easily build a site map.

The last point, number 8 is the most important: TAKE ACTION.
All the reading in the world, all the research in the world means nothing if we do not take action; massive concerted action using a plan that includes all of the other 7 points.

About two and a half years ago I took action, I invested my few dollars of earnings from my online 'business' and joined PortalFeeder. Now, I have a different life, plenty of money, a lifestyle I enjoy and some of the 'toys' that I love. I work as a mentor with Portalfeeder members, helping members to attain their own goals.