Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make Money With PLR Ebooks

Chances are many Internet Marketers either have a bundle of Private Label ebooks sitting on your laptop or you have bought memberships to Private Label websites where you can get as many as you want. But what do you do with them? Now that they're out there in the public domain, the new wears off and it is nearly impossible to find ways to make money using these ebooks.

Here are 5 ways you can make money with PLR ebooks.

Make your own CD's packed full of ebooks and sell them on ebay or other auction sites. These sell like hotcakes! You can also sell them on Internet classfied sites. These do well for some Internet marketers.

Find someone to rewrite them for you. If you're good enough, you could do this yourself and get a website to sell the ebooks. Then you can start promoting your New ebook! What's more, you can build a little traffic to the website and once it starts making a little bit of money, sell the rights to the ebook along with the website. There are a lot of buyers out there for turn key sites that make money.

Give them away as bonuses. Newbies like lots of free bonuses. It's no secret that many times people buy a information product off the Internet because they want the bonus more than the product or service that is being sold. Use your PLR ebooks as bonuses to promote your IM product and watch the commissions roll in.

Build email list with them. Offer your Private Label Resell ebooks free to your website visitors if they sign up to your newsletter. Everyone likes to think they're getting a bargain. This is one way that many of the how to money Guru's build massive contact list. They just give really cool ebooks away in exchange for a name and email address! Once you have an email list built up, you can then push products and services to them.

Give them away! But how do you make money like this? Just add your affiliate links into the Private Label Resell ebooks. Just read through the ebook and anywhere you find a keyword or keyword phrase where you can put an affiliate link, do it! Excellent places to give these away are Forums, MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook and even on your website if you have one. Work several days a week giving away these ebooks and watch your income from affiliate commissions roll in!

That's it. Excellent and easy ways to make money online with ebooks. Don't forget to stay focused and get as many of your PLR ebooks in people's hands!

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