Friday, May 15, 2009

Targetting Mispellings For SEO

Spelling just isn't the easiest thing. According to google, on average there are approximately 18100 searches a month for the phrase, 'Caribbean Holidays'. Compare that however to its misspelling, Carribean Holidays which has on average a grand, 22200 searches a month! Furthermore, the phrase 'Caribean Holidays' also receives approximately 1900 searches per month. In this instance that is at least 24100 searches for the misspelt version of caribbean.

Travel companies looking to target new business to their holiday websites need to consider how they are going to pull traffic in using these misspellings without making their sites look unprofessional.

A great, quick method is to use pay-per-click ads. Amazingly, a lot of advertisers don't think to include a list of misspellings in the keyword list for their site and those who do are reaping fat rewards for their efforts. If you find misspellings that are used by searchers but not yet noted by your competitors, you can find that you are paying very little for clicks to your site.

By using Google Traffic esti,ator we can see that although the misspellings, Caribean Holiday and craibean Holidays do in fact receive less traffic than the correct spelling, Caribbean Holidays, the fact they get traffic at all infers that across a broad range of traffic you could significantly pick up more traffic to your site. Use this strategy en masse to increase your traffic and your profits.

Even though searchers will misspelly keywords, they sometimes will use Googles correction system so that a new set of results appear. However, this is not always the case so make sure your PPC ads have great titles.

Have a quick look at google adwords tool which will show you a list of related terms to the keywords you have submitted. Oftentimes these are popular misspellings of the given keyword. You could ask people how they spell words, but the fastest method is to do a misspellings search using any of a plethora of tools that you can find on the web.

Always rememebr to add mispelt words to your keyword campaigns.

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