Sunday, May 3, 2009

Google's Keyword Selector Tool

As you begin creating and writing compelling ads for your Google Adwords campaign, it's important to know which keywords and keyphrases to use so that people can identify your ad with ease. Perry Marshall (a Google Adwords expert) teaches pay-per-click users and advertisers to utilize the Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool when creating their ads. This free tool allows you to find the most profitable and popular keywords in your niche, and can also help you drill down related keywords that you can use for other campaigns or just general keyword research. Google's Keyword Tool is very helpful at focusing your efforts if your ads aren't working; if your ad is only using low volume keywords, there's a possibility that your Adwords ads won't be clicked on enough to make your ad profitable.

Here are some additional methods for using Google's Adwords Keyword Selector Tool to successfully create your Adwords campaign

1. Start with a broad search. Most people use very specific keyword phrases when they first begin conducting research with Adwords, and this might be a mistake because it will typically leave you only with average results. Begin with broad search alternatively and dig into the results with the "synonyms" tool that provides variations and more suggestions as a part of the results.

2. Using a similar set of keywords, create different ad groups. Try to be certain that you are creating completely new ad groups for each campaign you create, so you can monitor what's working - and what is not. There is a 'relevant keywords' feature built right into the Adwords Keyword Selector Tool (that you can use) that will make it easier for you to narrow down your search.

3. Use 'negative keywords'. Sometimes optimizing your Google Adwords campaign will involve taking away words that do not work for your market; the Google Adwords tool can be tweaked to stop showing certain words that may not be relevant to your particular niche. For example, if you are selling greeting cards but your basic search keeps showing results for 'free greeting cards,' you can eliminate the word 'free' by designating it as a negative keyword. The Adwords Keyword Selector Tool will now only show you phrases that exclude the word "free".'

4. If you aren't sure where to start, you can use the Site Content feature. Google can scan your web page and offer suggestions of keywords based on your site's content. For example, if your home page provides information about services and trends in your marketplace, these may be strong keywords for your particular niche. After the search process, you will be given a list of targeted keywords related to these concepts and areas in the search results.

5. Location. There are many advertisers that don't realize how important adding geographic modifiers to your search phrase (like a city or state) really is. This can be important if you provide products or services that are geographically specific; the visitors you get from these types of phrases might be better than a less specific search, and will provide more qualified traffic to your site. Consider appending a keyword or keyphrase with a location to determine the best combinations for your ad campaign.

Marketing with Google Adwords is a powerful technique that most online-businesses can use to find more customers. Writing quality Google Ads is one of the most important skills to have when using Adwords - and there are many good training guides available online.

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