Sunday, April 19, 2009

Utilizing Free Ads

Many webmasters will tell you that the days of free advertising on the Internet are long gone. While it's probably true that paid advertising is more effective, free advertising is far from dead.

There are many forms of free advertising, such as forum signatures, viral ebooks, and article marketing, which is indeed proof that free advertising is not dead. But for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on one simple, easy method only, using free classified ad sites and forums.

When it comes to placing free ads, it's largely just a numbers game. Naturally, the more ads you have out there in circulation, the better your results are going to be. And there are too many places to count when it comes to posting free ads. The great thing about free advertising sites is that most will allow you to post your ads over and over. A lot of free ads forums make so you move your ad to the top with just a quick reply.

It's easy to find sites to post your free ads. You can use Google or basically any search engine to do searches for terms such as free ads, free classifieds, free advertising forums, etc.

Posting ads consistently is the trick to being successful with free advertising. Giving up after a few ads, won't cut it. If you track your results, you'll quickly learn which sites and what times are the most effective for placing ads. Knowing where and when to place your ads will be a huge time saver and will make your job a whole lot easier.

Ultimately, what it is you are offering will largely determine how successful your free advertising campaigns will be. Advertising something that has wide appeal and is also free, will likely yield the best results. Offering something that would appeal to other advertisers and webmasters is a good thing, because those are the people that spend the most time at free ad sites. If you are offering something related to advertising, particularly free advertising, your ad will very likely be successful.

While posting free ads may not be the most effective traffic generator, it can certainly be effective enough to start pulling in some good targeted traffic, especially if you make the effort to do it on a consistent basis. Using this method with several other forums of free promotion, like social bookmarking, forum signatures, article submissions, offline advertising, etc., it is quite possible to get a brand new or unnoticed site off ground in just a few short months.

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