Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 Blogging Plugins You Must Have

Plugins for the Wordpress platform are tons of fun and incredibly useful. You'll find everything you need to turn your blog into something that is every bit as great as you would have imagined. There are a lot of blog plugins out there are that are good to use, the five that are listed here are at the top of the list.


This plugin actually comes standard with your Wordpress installation. You need to get a API key to activate it, but after that it's really simple. It virtually eliminates spam commenting! Akismet is an intelligent plugin and will learn from you as time goes on. Always activate this plugin for the best results with your blog. It saves you a lot of time also!

Related Posts

Linking to different pages in your blog from every page is a great search engine optimization tactic. One of the downsides of blogs is that it is difficult to go digging through old posts to find ones that are related posts to link to your new post. Related posts solves that problem! It will automatically insert some relevant posts for your blog. It is very effective and hands off. Both visitors and search engines love this plugin.

All in One SEO Pack

Once again, optimizing your site for the search engines is going to be one of the best ways you can make money with your blog. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get. The more traffic your site recieves the greater the level of income generated! The All In One SEO pack makes your life easier because it allows you to specify the title, description (that will show up in the search engines), and keywords.

Wordpress Database Backup

Backing up your blog is crucial if you value your business. You never know what could happen to your server, and it would be devastating to lose everything. You can very easily back up everything with this plugin.

Top Commentators

This plugin is really cool and it encourages a lot of interaction on your blog. It will list the people who have the most comments posted on your blog. They enjoy the extra exposure that this brings to themselves. You are happy about it because people will really get into posting to be the one at the top. It also provides social proof. When people visit a blog for the first time they are more likely to stick around if there are clearly other people there who value your content. As a matter of fact, it is great that they see others participating.

There are an incredible number of different plugins out there that are ready for you to use. Using these essential blog plugins will get you off to a great start to becoming a great blogger.

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